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1.5 year of research on Phase Change Material (PCM)

Phase Change Material is a smart material which has the property of storing and realizing the heat energy at almost constant temperature. PCM usage latent heat in storing and releasing the heat. This specific property makes PCM so, valuable in the field of energy. In a research duration of  1. 5 years of research I published 8 research paper and applied for two patents.

In a research duration of  1. 5 years of research I published 8 research paper and applied for two patents.

Research Paper lists:

  1. Enhancing the performance of Laptop Battery through Thermal Management System by the Application of Phase Change Materials Jacket.
  2. A Review on Application of Thermal Energy Storage System using Phase Change Materials.
  3. Enhancement of Heat Rejection rate in Heat Sink using Phase Change Materials.
  4. Maintaining Temperature by the Application of Phase Change Materials Inside Combat Vehicles.
  5. Futuristic Application of Phase Change Material for Thermal Energy Storage.
  6. Increasing the Efficiency of Vehicle fuels through Thermal Buffering by Phase Change Materials.
  7. Study and Analysis of Thermal Energy Storage System Using Phase Change Materials (PCM).
  8. Future Energy Scenario in India- An Essential Overview.

Patent List:

  1. “Thermal Management solar panels using Phase Change Materials”, 18/10/
  2. “Passive Cooling of Laptop unit through Thermal Management”, 22-10-15,

The ability to store and release the heat energy at an almost constant temperature of PCM can be a game changer in the field of energy storing and energy saving.

PCM can be used in every field either it’s electronics, mechanical, renewable energy, civil etc.

One of the exciting application of PCM is, it can be used as a replacement of Air-Conditioning. Since air-conditioning eat up to 40% of total electricity consumption in the domestic sector, so investment on PCM as smart construction looks exciting.

You can download all my Research Paper: Suman Jha Research Paper

Challenges: PCM on research is still in nascent phase. Developing a fully functioning product need an initial investment. There is so many organization which are working silently on research and development. They are working so silently, even you can’t find an update. They stop sharing updates long back 🙂

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