About – GISCLE


William Gibson: –  “The Future is already here-  it’s just not very evenly distributed”. He stated this on  31 August 1993. It has been 24 years and the gap keeps on increasing every day. We all are in an era where technology like AI, ML and Deep Learning is a game changer.  

We at GISCLE leveraging the power of Big Data, AI and ML technique with GIS to help technology evenly distributed for everyone – that of giving super power to all of us and make us believe “Right Technology at Right Place” will help us do everything better.

Join Our Team:

We are looking for rock star intern. (You will get a chance to work on exciting and interesting stuff).

  1. Android Developer intern: You should have knowledge of Android Studio, Back end skills, API etc.
  2. Back end developer intern: Knowlege of PHP, familiar with AWS etc.
  3. Data Scientist intern: Knowledge of any one of these frameworks (Matlab, Octave, openCV etc.), must have Python knowledge, Interest in math especially matrix and function (we will give you few days of training).

Please write to us: career@giscle.com, +917667749930