[Suman’s Pick] Nagaland smart city, easy indoor mapping, India sign bright than China, Map game, 207 Cr. faulty map survey etc.

Smart cities and individual GIS mapping in few parts of India. Nagaland, Odisha are among few on them. A big game over HD map, everyone wants to own some part :). Microsoft releases an app for indoor mapping and now in ArcGIS Pro user can directly use indoor mapping with additional hardware tools. Faulty map after spending 207 Cr. totally not fair.

Dzuvuru becomes 2nd smart colony in Nagaland:       It’s the second city of Nagaland which is converted into Smart city using GIS mapping. They mapped every individual address and updated on the state portal.

Integration of indoor reality in ArcGIS:    On the high popularity of indoor mapping. Esri mapping software ArcGIS integrates indoor mapping company called indoor reality. The integration of indoor mapping will help ArcGIS user indoor mapping directly from ArcGIS platform.

Indian Shines brighter than China on the map released by Nasa:     A recent map released by the Nasa shows India sign brighter than China but it seems China is not happy about it and even their media reported it is a sponsored post 😛 

Continental to buy 8 to 10% in here map:         Continental an auto manufacturing company is in a talk with mapping firm Here for buying 8 to 10% stake. I think continental sense the importance of map (HD map) in future. Smart Move!!

Australia releases sea floor mapping data:     Remember MH370 mystery? Australia is among who try to find the plane for that they had collected excess amount of data from various part of ocean including India ocean. They are making all the data open source for everyone.

Odisha is working hard on GIS mapping:       It seems Odisha Gov. is very serious about its smart city project. Even I have highlighted few of their GIS work like bank mapping, Drone mapping etc. in my previous Suman’s Pick. The Odisha Gov. ask ORSAC (Odisha Space Application Center) to finish this project end of this financial year and host it in public domain.

GIS survey teams face abuse from city residents in Jalandhar:  The Municipal Corporation of Jalandhar has decided to take up GIS mapping of the capital to improve the municipal tax collection and to identify municipal tax defaulters. But locals are not happy with this survey and doing physical and verbal abuse every day with GIS survey teams.

City turns mapping services into digital do-it-yourself:     One of my best pick of this week. Frederick, Md., has made the process of getting geographic information system data about the city into a digital do-it-yourself service for consumers and government users. Anyone can find and download any data in multiple formats with various attributes. (Try here)

 There is always a chance to build some things amazing top of the existing system:  A Minneapolis map maker stays in business mapping everything from dog parks to UFO sightings. Tom Hedberg and his company, Hedberg Maps, are keeping the craft of mapmaking alive, finding a niche market in maps that show all the dog parks, breweries or apple orchards in the Twin Cities, or maps of colleges, airports etc.

Microsoft’s Path Guide app can map buildings without GPS:    Smartphone GPS systems have been used to navigate city streets quite effectively, but what do you do when there’s no connectivity whatsoever? Well, Microsoft has a solution for that, through an app called Path Guide.

Congress seeks action for ‘faulty’ land survey:  Congress is claiming that all the state mapping is done using satellite mapping by spending 217 Cr. is full of errors. However, instead of personally visiting each piece of land to update the records, their men just prepared it by sitting at home. It seems must of the private mapping agency do such kind of crime. Action should be taken against them.

With this feature you can check traffic ahead of its time:   In reality, Google real time traffic was never real time, it was based on AI with data of delay time while driving by Google map users. It’s not complicated. It’s just play of data. That’s why I am saying we should have our own map.

Very soon we are going to announce something exciting for that we are working from 5 months. Whenever I thought of the process or method we are working on solving some real and a problem which is faced by billions of people around the globe, even I surprised myself. We really don’t know, what % of accuracy we will able to achieve. Let’s see!!

We are looking for AI and ML practitioners to make this possible. If you want to know more let’s connect jhasuman36@gmail.com with subject you admire the most 🙂

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