[Suman’s Pick] Drone mapping by TamilNadu, Panaji, and Dehradun, NDMC toilet map, fire map, indoor mapping etc.

Recently ESRI 3 days UC conference was one of the highlights of this week. You can check all the advancement in GIS on their Youtube channels. Various states gov. is taking a decision of mapping the city with drones (I read till date 6 announcements by various states). The fight between Apple and Google for indoor mapping and adding toilets on the map by NDMC is a good step.

Google map new feature for physically disabled people:     I don’t know why Google is calling this as a feature. This is like simple contribution where users can add some extra information. But with this attribute contribution such as wheelchair might be helpful for the physically disabled people.

World Climate change in 2100:       Do you know how the climate and temperature of world cities will change? This map will help you to analyze the change in temperature of world cities in 2100.

Fire map:       Using such kind of map, we can analyze various other natural disaster and predict earlier before it’s time.

Dehradun civic body plans satellite-based mapping of properties:     The Dehradun Municipal Corporation (DMC) is planning satellite-based mapping of all the properties under its domain with a view to developing an efficient and transparent system of handling revenue matters. 

GIS and GPS based advanced tech will help soldiers map main fields:     The Army wants equipment that can record locations of mines being laid by the enemy — in varying terrain and weather. The objective is to reduce a soldier’s direct involvement in the detection and recovery of mines,” the officer said.

Map My City is providing training to students on mapping:     City-based non-profit Talking Earth that uses data to mobilize communities to take control of their ecosystems has launched an initiative called #5000mappers to train people in mapping across the country.

Esri and Here map partnership a good news for the ArcGIS user:    The agreement means ArcGIS users have access to global, accurate and fresh geospatial content, including dozens of new and rich map attributes. The expanded set of attributes will enhance core ArcGIS capabilities of mapping, geocoding, routing and spatial analysis, allowing ArcGIS users to consume these enhanced capabilities in their ArcGIS applications.

Sensor network to map and predict pollution, effluents in the Godavari: Using a mix of methods, including satellite-monitoring, traversing stretches of the river to collect water samples and using special sensors to measure bacterial and chemical pollution, the researchers are trying to develop a cost-effective forecast system.

Google built a tiny Street View car to map out one of the world’s largest model cities:  Don’t know why they built it but the result is incredible, please check it.

Tamil Nadu Government mulls aerial mapping for controlling floods:  Appearing to have learnt lessons from the natural disasters that struck the State, including the nightmarish 2015 deluge in Chennai, the Tamil Nadu government has proposed to employ unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to map water courses and river basins to chalk out a comprehensive flood control mechanism.

Drone-based GIS mapping of Panaji on cards under Smart City Mission:  Imagine Panaji Smart City Development (IPSCD) Limited has decided to take up geographic information system (GIS) mapping of the capital to improve municipal tax collection and to identify municipal tax defaulters.

New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) put 300 toilets on the map:   The map is such a powerful tool, it can actually outline every hidden secret. Locating public toilets in the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) area has been made easy as one can now find more than 300 of them on Google Maps.

Will Apple Beat Google In The Race To Indoor Location Everywhere?  Now fight over Indoor mapping. Indore mapping is slightly harder than outdoor because GPS generally don’t work on indoor mapping. One one side apple is acquiring many indoor mapping companies and Google is going with a strong indoor research team.

Very soon we are going to announce something exciting for that we are working from 5 months. Whenever I thought of the process or method we are working on solving some real and a problem which is faced by billions of people around the globe, even I surprised myself. We really don’t know, what % of accuracy we will able to achieve. Let’s see!!

We are looking for AI and ML practitioners to make this possible. If you want to know more let’s connect jhasuman36@gmail.com with subject you admire the most 🙂

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