[Suman’s Pick] Satellite mapping bid, Mapping error with DGPS, Assembly Map, Tesla map, Rooftops Bars map etc.

These few are GIS related picks of this week. PCMC invites bids for satellite mapping, Digital Map of 182 assemblies, importance of GIS in smart cities, interactive map of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans are few interesting one. This week pick highlights some of the new application areas and tools which will help to solve the problem.

PCMC invites bids for satellite mapping survey in Navi Mumbai:     A first in the city, Panvel City Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has opted for high-resolution satellite imagery to provide georeferenced maps for a detailed land use and property survey. This hi-tech survey will ensure scientific property tax evaluation and also provide maps of existing land use.

Digital land mapping faulty will lead to conflict: Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia:     Senior Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia on Wednesday alleged that the new digital mapping of agricultural land, done under the National Land Records Modernisation Programme, in all the 33 districts was “completely faulty and there are numerous errors, which will lead to the conflicts in the society”. In my list, because they are using DGPS (Still errors HOW?).

Election Commission of India is roll out digital maps of all 182 Assembly seats:   The Election Commission is preparing geographic information system (GIS)-based digital maps of all 182 constituencies of the state for a smooth conduct of the upcoming Assembly elections. The maps, which are largely meant to help election officials understand the strength and weakness of the constituencies.

Plastic pollution Interactive map reveals where 5.25 TRILLION pieces of waste in the world’s ocean:   As much as 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year, endangering marine life and, if it enters the food chain, endangering humans too.  An interactive map has revealed where the 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic adrift in our oceans end up.  Densities of plastic are shown as white dots around the map, each of which represents 20 kilograms (44 lbs) of damaging ocean waste.

Tesla is updating its maps and navigation with open source mapping platforms:  It seems Tesla is following me 😛 because a few days earlier I had talked about Tesla map and now they started using open source mapping platform Mapbox for increasing the quality of the map.

The Kaarta Contour handheld scanner uses LIDAR to map spaces in real time: This mapping device converts the LIDAR directly into the 3d map. A powerful mapping tool and can be used in various application.

Application of GIS in Hazard Management such Nuclear Hazard:  The importance of GIS for hazard assessment and management issues derive from the fact that hazards and consequences evolve over time and distance/location and that GIS is built to process location and time-based data. GIS will, therefore, become an indispensable aid in the process of hazard assessment and hazard management.

The role of GIS and mapping in Smart Cities:  The increased demand for space isn’t the only issue, there is also a demand for a more connected world. The rise of the smart city puts a further pressure on construction, posing a threat to the budget spend when the planning and construction phases take place.

Rooftop Bars Map In the DC Area: This map shows the details of rooftop bars in dc area The number of bars available on the map is 60.

PS: My favorite quote “Change how people communicate will always change the world”. There are various ways people communicate and I WILL change one of the ways. If you are mad enough to do anything for the Change, it will be my pleasure to get in touch with you.


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