[Suman’s Pick] Mumbai noise mapping, Most populated cities of 2100, Efficient Farming, Health Dashboard, VR Map etc

The development of GIS is exponential, it’s growing like anything. The GIS is still in development phase but it is improving millions of lives every day. This week few of the articles are so amazing like Helth Dashboard, Application of GIS in farming, an interactive map with detailed attribute including Tax number and Apple is testing VR in their map etc.

I am working or learning GIS from 8 months but my love for GIS started 4 months back when I came to know the fact that 70% of the population is without an address. This is my 5th “Suman’s Pick after reading and understanding basics, I am 200% sure that application of right technology at the right place will be as similar as AI growth and mobile penetration for solving many challenging real problems.

Noise mapping of Mumbai’s 27 major cities: The state government on Thursday informed the Bombay high court that needless honking and honking in silence zones will soon become punishable offenses under the Maharashtra Transport and Road Safety Bill 2017, which is awaiting the President’s assent. This mapping will help to reduce the sound pollution in the city.

Discover Local Insights, an awesome interactive map:   A recent map released by ESRI for providing the local insight of 10 different consumer spending, demographics, and behavior trends. You just have to enter the Zip code and topic and the map will give you the data with respect to the entire country. These kinds of the map actually help to take the decision very easy. (I think this is an interesting map and it should be applied to everyone. India should have similar map in terms of taking decisions as well as improving the system for making it better).

The World most Populated Cities in 2100:   Right now the world most populated cities are evenly distributed around the globe. But 50 or 80 years down the line most of the populated cities will be concentrated on the one area. Indian four cities will be in world most populated cities.

Taking the guesswork out of efficient farming:  One of my favorite article. The GIS can change everything with significant impact. This GIS mapping will help to increase their production by productive by 40%.

A neighbor information interactive map:  It’s an interactive map in which you can find the most of the details about anyone in the city. Try this map very informative and interesting. Do a double click on the marked area. This map also included the details of tax number with information.

US city health Dashboard:  US developed an innovative health data visualization tool which will help hundreds of US cities to identify their most pressing health needs more accurately. As a pilot project right now it is available in 4 cities with 26 different attribute details which are awesome. It will expand to 500 additional cities over the next two years and will impact 700,000 US population.


SnapChat new feature “SnapMap” creating lot’s of buzz:  So many boyfriends got caught because of SnapMap feature. 😛 In fact, there is an option of hiding your location from your selected friends. Snapmap location feature Setting.  Had Snapchat though this fact while adding the Snapmap feature?  

Successful Geospatial Data Searching Strategies:    The Data Collection is the hardest part of any GIS project. It has been seen in most of the GIS project that 90% of the time usually getting spent on Data collection. This article is giving some awesome insight on data searching.

Apple Maps has a hidden VR/AR trick in iOS 11:   On a high note, Apple is testing VR/AR in their Map. This feature is not available for everyone. This feature is still in private beta mode and available in IOS 11.

PS: My favorite quote “Change how people communicate will always change the world”. There are various ways people communicate and I WILL change one of the ways. If you are mad enough to do anything for the Change, it will be my pleasure to get in touch with you.

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