[Suman’s Pick] Hyderabad Soil Digital Map, Hill Kohima first India GIS and 3d map colony, Karnataka School map, Snapchat etc.

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So many exciting articles and news related to GIS all around the world. We also start talking about GIS, School Map, Soil map,  Hill Kohima GIS and 3d mapped colony are few examples. I appreciate the fact that finally, we start talking about using our own map and it’s so, so important. On that note, I found few interesting tweets, in which peoples are not happy with UI/UX. So, if we want to make any map primary in this country we have to keep many factors in mind and UI/UX is one of them. My article, should we start building an error free map.

Hyderabad government is preparing a digital map with data of soil and water:    In a smart move, Hyderabad government is preparing a digital map of the state with data of water and soil analysis for the benefit of farmers. This will help farmers to take the decisions in terms of using the right amount of chemical fertilizer in their agriculture field.

Hill Kohima become first GIS and 3d mapped colony in India:  A true step towards Smart City. Hill Kohima created its own separate GIS map. The zero budget community project initiative was conceptualized, planned, strategized and implemented under a record time of only three weeks. This project will beneficial to the district administration in dealing with land encroachment issue and also help in preparing the citizens for “Smart City”. Please check their map it’s really interesting. The best part, they have represented the information in an awesome way. I believe all the smart cities projects should start with these steps.  

Karnataka Government is preparing GIS-based School Map:   The Karnataka state government is preparing Geographical Information System maps of all government and aided schools in the state, Primary and Secondary. Around 76,000 schools, including aided ones, will be covered under the GIS project, which will be linked to Google Maps (unfortunate). In India, the number of schools including Primary basic, Middle Basic, Higher Secondary is 14,64,153 but there is no any centralized ways by which these schools can be monitored. And I believe this step will help the state government to monitor all the school better. This is an impressive step by the Karnataka Gov.

Google Maps wants to help you avoid THIS unseen danger:   Remember my post of Google collecting pollution data using sensors in his mapping car. Very soon now Google map will use those data in their map for guiding user a cleaner way. 

Interactive Map Forecasts Deadly Heat Waves Due to Climate Change:   Hot weather is the number one summertime killer in the United States and in much of the world — and the number of these deadly heat waves is only going to increase. This interactive map will open your eye and will tell you about the climate change effect on the world. , Someone please, help Donal Trump and their team with this map. (You know what I mean 🙂 ).

GM’s Cruise driverless car unit gets into high-definition mapping:   Driverless car needs extremely high accurate map perhaps in millimeter and that’ why GM’s Cruise Automation is doing more in HD mapping. This HD map is using fusing LiDAR, radar and visual information for a very accurate millimeter-level detail.

Who Needs AC?  As AC eat close to 50% of domestic electricity bill so, it’s necessary to identify the right area of AC application. This Interactive map will help US to identify the need for AC. Try this map, it is very interesting.

Snapchat launched a location-based feature called SnapMap:   A few days earlier Snapchat release a new feature called SnapMap. I really liked the feature even though I am not a Snapchat user. This feature will help in the marketing for many businesses at the same time there is also some risk associated with it because once the user is allowing their location everyone can see which place you are. 

Researchers map a building in 3D using WiFi-enabled drones. Researchers at the Mostofi Lab at UC Santa Barbara have created a system that “sees” inside buildings using two drones and WiFi. In this 3d mapping, there is no need of any GIS data, Any Mix Reality or Virtual Reality. This can be used in various utility applications.

PS: My favorite quote “Change how people communicate will always change the world”. There are various ways people communicate and I WILL change one of the ways. If you are mad enough to do anything for the Change, it will be my pleasure to get in touch with you.

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