Can we analyze, take a decision and predict a system whose earlier data is not available?

Can or Can’t, of course, we can but not now.  🙂  

What is the process of building some physical product like car, bike, house etc.?
Let me start with my own real life example. When I was in my second year of engineering, I was part of Team Garuda (Garuda team used to participate in events called SAE Supra and BAJA). These are national automobile events in which we have to build an F1 type car from scratch and compete with various other college teams). I am sure if you are a mechanical engineer, you must have heard of SAE Supra or BAJA.

So, what was the process?

1. We imagine or ideate that we have to build a car.
2. We sketched it using a pencil.
3. We fixed parameters (all sorts of parameters like ground clearance, height, weight, what type of brakes, steering etc.)
4. While fixing these parameters, we had to do many calculations so all the parameter could get align. There should be no any break down just because we fixed the wrong parameter for any of the components. We used to be very careful.
5. Once we fixed parameter for the entire component, we start building Car models in CAD design software (Solidworks, ProE etc.).
6. Then we used that CAD design for Simulation in software called Ansys. Now, this is the last phase of virtual design after that we will start building a car in the real world, with all those data. This is the critical step of building that car because in this step we checked everything like EVERYTHING. I can’t provide all information but few of them are like the durability of breaks at the various different situation, At what load car will break down, what if the car will hit with some other car at various speed, will it break down etc.
7. If we satisfied with everything then we start collecting material, components, and machines etc. for start building the car.
All these steps which involved before touching any physical component of the car.

Note: We have started with no data

We use the same method every place either it’s building of car house, bridge, road, stadium etc. but at the individual level. Why I add this individual level because this is the key. We can’t think of the above methods once this car will ready. If something is existing in the real world, whatever you do you can’t get the same output which you got initially. Yes, you can change parts 🙂

Once a physical product is ready, then you can control the things using data, AI, Machine learning etc. Okay take an example of above car only, think for a while that my car is ready if I want to know the breakdown of my car break before it will break down what will we do?
1. We will collect data of applied pressure (force) on the brake wire or brake shoe using some sensor.
2. Using earlier data of same range car, we will create some machine learning model.
3. Now we will pass the current data to that model and it will tell us when the breakdown of the brake in the car will take place. And we will use this method for analyzing most of the car component.  

We are able to analyze the breakdown in the brake because we had earlier data, but what about all the system whose earlier data does not exist? Can we make a decision or drive the result? Please keep this question in your mind for a while!! 

Now think, can we analyze the breakdown of a bridge, seems like impossible why? Because all the bridge differs in some way or another way, so even if we have data of some other bridge, we can’t use. One thing we can do use the sensor and wait till the bridge break down and build the model 😛 Kidding.

Think for a while, what if Government could have an option of analyzing effects of Demonetization before Demonetization. Even if the analyzed result could have able to achieve 80% or 60%, we could have saved thousands of billions and some life as well?

So, I was on the point what about the system whose earlier data are not available, can we drive a decision, can we predict, can we analyze?? And the answer is yes, it is possible to analyze, predict and take a decision for all the system whose earlier data is not available!!! 

You are always welcome to make me correct!!


PS: My favorite quote “Change how people communicate will always change the world”. There are various ways people communicate and I WILL change one of the ways. If you are mad enough to do anything for the Change, it will be my pleasure to get in touch with you.


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