[Suman’s Pick] Apple map commitment, Google pollution mapping, Mumbai Metro etc.

The GIS is getting momentum because it is making communication possible which was not possible few years back. There were so many interesting stories and picking few was not easy but these are few picks of this week which either inspired me or help us for the tool which we are building for billions.

Here’s updated mapping vehicle v3.0 paves way for self-driving cars:   Here mapping vehicle is collecting mapping data for the HD 3D map. The purpose is to fulfill the requirement of the very high-quality map for self-driving cars. The ride features much faster D-GPS (which I always mentioned in my post) tracking for getting accuracy level up to 1m along with a Velodyne LiDAR with an accuracy of better than 2cm and four 16.2-megapixel MARS panoramic cameras.

WORLD a 3d mapping company wants to build this world as Video Game: The 3d mapping company named WORLD wants to build the world map look like as real as we see and feel the city. WORLD founded in 2010 with a vision to make navigation fun because Faizaan Ghauri (Company CEO) thinks the way we navigate with Google map and Apple map is creepy.

Apple seems committed towards its map: A few weeks back they got the permission of Drone for collecting mapping data, then they hire 200 freelancers for improving map accuracy by verifying the address on the individual level. The signed document between freelancer and Apple is said to be over 200 pages. ( Really 😛 ). Now they announced indoor mapping at WWDC. Meanwhile, it’s a good sign because still, these mapping companies are still improving their map accuracy. 🙂

Mumbai Metro and Google map partnership: Mumbai Metro tie-up with Google Maps for providing a world class service. This integration of Google map and Mumbai Metro will help passengers to check train schedules for all 12 stations in real time on an app and plan their travel accordingly. Along with geographic information, other features like Metro Services, animation of the train etc are also available.

Google map with deep learning for billions of street view’s images: Google map is updating and improving map with deep learning and Street view. Since Google map has 1 billion monthly users, so for providing highly updated information, Google map is using Deep Learning and street view’s image. Google street view car is collecting millions of images every day. It’s impossible to manually analyze billions of images in order to find new and updated information for Google map. Text recognition from billions of images can extract the valuable updated data like business name, House number etc.

Google map is collecting pollutants such as Black carbon, nitric oxide, and nitrogen dioxide: In a smart move, Google map started using sensors in it’s Google street view cars for collecting pollutants data (black carbon, nitric oxide, and nitrogen dioxide.). Before this, all the pollutant mapping devices were static and collecting data from a fixed place but sensor integration with Google street cars will give the real data of pollution. Please check interactive map used in the article, It’s awesome!!

Application of GPS for crime detection: Vadodara police are now planning to employ global positioning system (GPS) for crime detection in the city. The project will be implemented with the help of CCTVs that are being installed by the police in large numbers across the city. Apart from detecting crime, the CCTVs will also help the cops in dealing with traffic jams. “There are many spots where people park their vehicles on main roads for hours.

We are planning to start a very simple project. The idea is to collect and bring some 100 information on the map. We are starting this project because the information which we had collected are very near to our heart :). If you want to know more, please let us know!

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