Why Google needs to release a bullshit Statement ?

Like every day today also, I started checking my emails, but today there was few more emails from Google Alert. Since I have alerted many keywords in Google alert, so for a while I thought it was normal. But most of the Google alert (keywords: Map, address location etc.) contains the same heading “Google Maps is removing one of its most loved features because it was being abused” literally curiosity was on top!

Once I started checking, most of the article with similar content mentioned, what feature Google Map is going to remove with taking “Mirror Online” in reference. The feature which Google is going to remove was not a big shock for me because as we all know Google believe in owning something rather outsourcing or making it open source, so they always try to protect as much as they can.

The feature which Google Map is going to remove is simple outsourcing (Google map editing) feature by which users could also suggest edits and make revisions on the map database. Great, of course, overall Google is the owner and they are free to add as well as remove anything 🙂

Google editing photo

But the shocking part for me is their statement of removing that feature. According to that statement

“Because the edit function was open to all users, it meant that it got abused meaning all suggestions had to be moderated. Given the sheer volume of suggestions, the task of moderating each one was enormous, and proved to be too large”

Does this make sense, of course not why because we all know that how big Google is, in that case moderating can’t be a reason for removing any feature and that’s why I said “Bulshit Statement”?

My point of view: Since Google had added and adding most map data from the third party and most of the available map data on Google map are not accurate, (especially emerging countries like India) in that case high request of accurate data from individual will effect Google Map significantly. Now Google Map can’t revert back directly overall its trillions of data, so somehow they are finding some different ways.

Since they are releasing a new version of “Google Earth” on 18th of April, so I am hoping of some real truth!






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