Why should I love my product?

GRiDPad (released on 1989) is considered as the first tablet computer towards consumer use which was a revolutionary technology and a market failure. one of the key reason was, the weight of GriDpad was 5 pounds (2.5 KG).
When Jeff Hawkins set out to build the PalmPilot, he cut out a wooden block that would fit into his front shirt pocket. Whenever anyone on the Palm team wanted to add a new feature, Hawkins would pull out the block and ask where it would fit (Impressive 🙂 ). By the time the Palm Pilot launched it only had four features: contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes. But because it was easy to carry around, it was a huge success.


I think while designing any product, it is necessary, to be honest, and truthful. Ask yourself if I am the user will I use this product if yes then WHY? ((Now this WHY influenced by various factors and for finding and analyzing every factor very carefully we need at least [n] months of time 🙂 ) where n = 1,2,3…. and again ‘n’ depends on various factors. So, if you are designing a product make sure you should consider each and every aspect.

PS: This article was originally posted on my Facebook wall (04/04/2017).

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