What had scared me ?

Before giving the answer a small story. I still remember that day when I finished 10th from my village and moved to the nearby city (Darbhanga) for further study. In Darbhanga, those days only individuals tuitions were available and for Math, as 12th subject, I needed at least four different individual tuitions ( Physics, Chemistry, Math, and English ). All the tuition batch were a lot of 300+ students.

In my 10th we were in a batch of 12 students. I was one of the known guys, very near to my teacher, everyone knew me (Not a big deal in a batch of 12 students) and that’s why I was scared because I don’t want to be a part of that 300 crowd. But I was 100% sure that among these 300 students, there will be few students who will be known by everyone and I wanted among those students. That motivated me to work really- really hard.

And you know, I was not the part of 300 crowds rather from my batch everyone knew me and I am still very near to my teacher Bijendra Mohan and I will not let him forget my name  Love you, Sir!!

You know what had scared me But now nothing scare me because now I am a part of 7 billion people having A DREAM of making a change, pushing the human race forward. You needs two things to change the world “Commitment and Sacrifice” and I was ready, I am ready and I will ready.

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