How Population blast is affecting entire addressing system?

World population is 7.4 billion as of August 2016 in which 1.3 billion are in India.


Population growth between the year 2000- 2017 is 33.4% which is second highest growth rate in the world. India will be world number one country based on population in few years. Why the world available addressing system (especially Indian addressing system) is going to be more complicated, confusing in the coming year because living area is fixed ( especially Indian area [3,287,263 KM square ] is very small compared to population) and increase in population rate is very high. This shows that in the coming year the rate of new areas, cities etc will be also very high and as I mentioned in History of Postal Addressing System in India! that only 50% world postal address is updated.

So world need better addressing system!

PS: This post was initially posted on my Facebook wall (18/05/2017).

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