Why can’t they solve this problem?

Before I will start writing this, let me confess one thing to all of you and that is…..I absolutely love all Indian startup whatever they are doing and have respect what they achieved. But as to improve the system sometimes we have to work hard, you know what I mean? :).


I recently had a conversation with an Indian largest cartography company. I idea behind was to highlight what is wrong with their ads or claims. As I generally start with basic, there also I started with basics so, I  could explain them better.


But you know what they said, “We have addressed (solved) this”. Even Google have not addressed (solved) yet how can any other (getting a laugh 🙂 ) (there are few companies which are trying to address (solve) this but worlds need many similar companies).

By fixing coordinates with respective address and then using that as the location will never solve location problem of world and address problem of India and most of the map is using this method only.

You can check How “Surabhi Furniture” location coordinate is actually inside of The Park (Lakshmi Park) in most of the available map.

Google Map
MapmyIndia Map

But there are various other ways by which world addressing system can be improved and, we are also working on one of the ways. And we are hoping to come out asap.

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